AVC helps to develop a unique brand strategy

The development of a unique brand strategy is the basis for all subsequent stages of branding. The strategy defines who the target audience is, builds an appropriate positioning and the essence of the brand. It also finds out what physical and emotional characteristics are necessary and creates the visual image and relevant promotional communications.

Brand strategy clearly shows brand’s future.

The stages of the brand strategy development:

1. Research of the existing strategy.

2. Create a hierarchy of important consumer properties of the product.

3. Defining the position of the brand among competitors.

4. Specification of target audiences.

5. The definition of consumer insights.

6. Analysis of existing and identification of priority communication territories for the brand.

7. Formulation of the brand ideology (development of the short and very specific description of the updated character of the brand, its market position and compliance criteria for the product portfolio, brand identity and its communications).

8. Development of brand positioning hypotheses.

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